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Living ABC Software

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Bring Letterland to life in your classroom with the award-winning Living ABC software. Use with individual children, small groups or the whole class and let them see, hear and interact with the colourful Letterlanders. Featuring the a-z characters and the long vowels, Living ABC includes an alphabet song, a handwriting song and a story for each letter plus activities (such as quick dash), or  clickable scenes and a Teacher Zone.

There are assessed activities for recognising letter shapes and sounds, long and short vowel sounds, and building regular words. You can create multiple classes and select which letters and activities are appropriate for each class, or use the software for whole class work on an interactive white board (or smart board).

System requirements: S‍‍‍oftware can be installed on a PC (Windows XP and above) and older versions of MacOS (see limitations below). The software is protected by a Product Key; this will be on the CD-ROM, or for downloads, will be provided by email after the order is received. During installation you will be asked to register and activate your Product Key which requires an internet connection.

Please note, this software is NOT compatible with macOS Catalina; (MacOS 10.15) and above also requires Adobe Flash Player to work which was classed as End of Life(EOL) by Adobe on Dec. 31, 2020.                                                                                                          FYI our new Phonics Online web-based software will work on almost any device and doesn't require Adobe Flash Player.

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