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Phonics Online - Teacher Plan

  • $83.00

A wonderful resource to help teachers teach and children learn! Meet the Letterlanders and explore over 500 animations in one place. It's easy to set up and includes lots of new features like access to our Phonics Readers, Phonics Games and a Teacher Toolkit full of supporting resources. Phonics Online is accessible from anywhere on any device. You just need an internet connection!

Cards Tool NEW!

Great new functionality, allowing you to do a 'Quick Dash', 'Sounds Race' or build words. The Quick Dash tool, enables you to show and review selected or pre-programmed spelling patterns in quick succession. The Word Builder allows you to build and read words together on screen.

  • Teacher Plan (x1 Teacher login*) - $83/year* 
  • Student Add-ons are also available at $5.25 per student (purchase of teacher plan required)

Please email for a quote with student add-ons, or any other questions you might have.

*Teacher login means any account role that requires access to Phonics Online. This includes accounts for administrators. For more information see: Phonics Online | Letterland Phonics


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